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The “BESSI” Company was founded in 1950.

In 1968, the first collection was presented to the fashion world in the patterns and style of Bessi;
today the unmistakable signature of his fine, is displayed in the most refined boutiques of United States, Europe and Japan.

The continue research of natural fabrics, like silk, cotton and wool are just as characteristic as the exclusive designs created by the stylist.


Bessi collection reflects the natural and characteristic research of the Florentine fashion house, to blend with the help of colors and new prints in different materials and fabrics. This is a modern and captivating look from Bessi, which is always feminine and sophisticated.

The principal novelty of the new Bessi collections, mainly consists in the development of new designs; new and different graphic interpretations together with modern chromatic combinations with merge and soft feminine lines.

Even today Bessi is present with its product in 20 countries and with its showroom in Italy, Germany and U.S.A conserving its artisan characteristics and a “maniacal” care for production.

The quality of fabrics

the attention paid to the choice of the best fabrics and the most refined workmanships, that characterizes Bessi, makes each of our clothing a piece of superior  tailoring

Crafted in Italy

Each dress by Bessi is entirely designed and made in Italy: all our prints are made out of our original design and processed in Italy according to the highest quality standards.

The Bessi's colors

Bessi has always been loving colors: drawings and prints, rich in color, give a unique dynamism to our clothing. Because who wears Bessi wants to “live the Color”

– billy the kid –


The company Bessi has deep roots: in 1950 in Florence you could see the first clothes created by Averardo Bessi.

Over the years the company has maintained its original features, while continuing with its policy of research and innovation to create dresses always new and original: the choice of materials and models has always been in the name of modernity to give women that stylish modern look that has always characterized the “woman by Bessi”.

From a Florentine company, over the years, Bessi has grown to include offices in Europe (Dusseldorf) and the US (New York) as well as dozens of boutiques that have chosen to offer their clients also clothes by Bessi: the many showrooms of the company, in over 20 countries, make it an international brand, though always firmly rooted in Italy where it maintains design and production.

Each dress Bessi is fruit of the best Italian creativity: each design and every sketch is still handmade in Florence by our designers. Only after a long creative process that involves the entire company, our creations are sent for printing in a company of the highest Italian excellence.

The choice of materials reflects the same production philosophy: Bessi is always looking for the best fabrics and the finest materials.

Each dress is then crafted with artisan techniques in our laboratories and controlled in every detail toa lways offer high quality standards.

The spring/summer collection 2019